Yes, They Exist: Fetishes That Sound Made Up

Fetishes That Sound Made Up

People get turned on by anything these days. And I mean anything! Clowns, diapers, insect, trees, stuffed animals, farts (we are not kidding), you name it. If you want to learn more about fetishes which are not so common, keep reading.

The world is filled with weird fetishes. You can’t even imagine what kind of things turn people on. But let’s start from the beginning. What does fetish mean? It means that a person is sexually aroused by an object or a body part. There are some common fetishes like foot fetish or lingerie fetish. But there are some very weird types of fetishes and we have prepared a list.


Most of us have dressed up as animals for Halloween. But these guys are aroused by this. They call themselves ‘plushies’ and ‘furries’. For next Halloween I’m going as Harry Potter.


Boy, X-Files, Star Trek and Star Wars are porn for these people. Yes, they are sexually attracted to aliens. They don’t claim to have had experience with alien life forms, but they do find the experience to be exciting. Just search for alien sex fetish websites and you will see what we are talking about.

Sploshing and Sitophilia

We understand that using whipped cream or chocolate sauce in bed can be hot, but these people just love to be covered in wet, messy, food substances. While sitophiles are turned on by food, but sploshers also love to be covered in mud, oil and paint. Anything messy goes.


These guys are turned on by hair. We all like to see a nice hairstyle, but trichophiles want to caress and kiss the locks. Since they are so in love with the hair, they would make great hairstylists. A little bit creepy, but nobody’s perfect. I wonder how they felt when they watched Tangled.


We all know who are kleptomaniacs, but do you know about kleptolagniacs? They also love to steel, but they are turned on by getting caught. They are probably the worst shoplifters ever.


Most people hate being stuck in a confined space. However, these people get turned on by small spaces. Give them a box for their birthday and they will be happy. It’s pretty awkward being stuck with them in an elevator, I presume.


Losing a limb is always a traumatic experience. It is a life changing event and requires a long and hard physical as well as mental recovery. People who come in contact with these individuals usually respond with sympathy and compassion. But acrotomophiliacs get sexually aroused by seeing amputees. The movie Saw is certainly the greatest movie ever for these guys. And that’s not all. There are also apotemnophiliacs, individuals who get turned on at the thought of being amputees themselves.

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