What are the Physical Signs that a Girl is Interested in You?

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So, you have been looking at free personals on the internet, seeking to meet a girl you’re interested in. You finally find someone, and after some careful maneuvering, you two start going out on dates. It all seems wonderful and exciting, but you can’t help but question if she’s really interested in you or just being polite. Here are a couple clear physical signs to look for in a girl, when you’re unsure if she likes you or not.


Her posture can uncover a lot of about what she feels around you. If a girl wants to become more than just friends, she will unconsciously try to make her body look more flattering. She’ll stand up straight with her shoulders pulled back and her stomach sucked in. She’ll position her body so that she seems more attractive, like exposing her neck more, touching her neck or jawbone, licking her lips, and always sitting or standing so that she’s facing you. Some girls will play with their hair or use other small gestures to signal their feelings.


We rarely think about what our feet are doing when we interact with other people. This is why looking at her feet is one of the best nonverbal indicators as to what she thinks about you. If she tucks her feet in underneath her and tightly squeezes her legs together, this might be a sign that she’s not that into you or feels nervous around you. If she positions her legs away from her in a relaxed manner, you can be sure that she’s comfortable with spending time with you.


Try touching her hand or arm in a gentle swift move. If she pulls away or shows irritation, stop immediately because it’s evident that she’s not enjoying this experiment. However, if she blushes, smiles, or gives you a coy look, you’re on the right track. Don’t force the action before she’s ready for it though. If you push the touchy-feely things too early or too aggressively, you’ll just end up messing up the whole date.

Eye Contact

If she looks you straight in the eye when you’re talking and doesn’t mind having constant eye contact, that’s a good sign. But if she keeps looking down at the ground or avoids your eyes completely, she’s not really feeling you.

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