Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Drag Queen

transsexual dating

While some guys are into transsexual dating, some women are into dating drag queens. It is no wonder really since being with a queen can make you feel like you are one, too. These men who dress in drag know how to have fun and will surely put a smile on your face. If you are wondering why some women find them appealing, stick around to find out.

Best of the both worlds

Drag queens are in touch with their feminine side so they will completely understand your need to cry when you watch sad movies. If you are tired of macho guys who never want to talk about their feelings and you feel like you are dating a closed book, give queens a chance.

No more makeup troubles

Have you seen their makeup? They can pull off a flawless eyeliner stroke so imagine what they can do with the rest of their beauty products. If you need some advice or a help putting your eyelashes on, your partner will help you. A drag queen can turn you into a sexy bombshell in no time and you will feel like you have your own personal stylist.

They are funny

These ladies know how to entertain. Their sense of humor is amazing and your partner will surely make your days much brighter. It is safe to say that your Friday nights will never be boring again. Together, you will visit different clubs, meet all kinds of people, and paint the town red.

They’ll have your back

They are following their dreams so they will encourage to do the same. You will always have their support no matter what you do. If you always wanted a partner who will be the wind beneath your wings, give a drag queen a chance.

They are confident and brave

And this surely is something you’d want from your partner. Being a drag queen isn’t easy since many people judge you. Nonetheless, these ladies stand up strong and follow their dreams. They know who they are and they are not afraid to show it. You have to admire them for their courage and determination.

Your social life will become wild

With your partner by your side, you will get the opportunity to meet so many funny, interesting, and original people. It is safe to say that they will spice up your life.

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