Top 5 Destinations In America You Should Visit With Your Girl

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We know that Paris is the most romantic city in the world and that drinking wine in Toscana can make you feel like you died and went to heaven, but you shouldn’t underestimate USA locations either. It doesn’t matter whether you and your significant other like to hike, explore small towns or just sit back and watch the sunset, there are so many places across America which are ideal for a romantic trip. Therefore, regardless of whether you’ve found your match through a BBW dating site or in a local bar, all you have to do is pack your bags, grab your date by the hand and prepare for an amazing summer adventure. Here are places you should definitely visit during these hot days.

Kauai, Hawaii

If you saw the movie Jurassic Park, you probably know how this amazing island looks like. We guarantee that Kauai is all that and even more, as its spectacular views take everyone’s breath away. Further, most of the island surface is covered by a tropical rainforest and dramatic cliffs making the whole place look even more astonishing. Therefore, take a boat tour of the coast, go hiking and definitely visit the waterfalls at Mount Waialeale. It will surely be a vacation you will never forget.

Charleston, South Carolina

If your girl is a huge fan of The Notebook, you definitely have to take her to Charleston, the place where it all happened. Get a private carriage ride for two to the movie’s iconic locations and relive the Notebook magic.

Boston, Massachusetts

Cobblestone streets, Boston Public Garden, great Italian food and numerous pastry shops are just some of the reasons why you should spend your summer vacation in Boston. You can also have a romantic evening listening to great street musicians and grab a bite to eat in the North End.

Napa Valley, California

Maybe Toscana is too far away, but Napa Valley also offers great wineries and breathtaking sunsets. If your date isn’t afraid of heights, take a hot air balloon ride together and look out over the rolling hills. Sounds very romantic, doesn’t it? After your ride is over, you can have a glass of exquisite Californian wine and toast your adventure.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

We can bet that your date would love to take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel or try out the Gatlinburg Sky Lift. It is a kind of trip that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush, so make sure to give it a shot.

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