Top 4 Reasons to Date a Cowboy

Top 4 Reasons to

Every girl has her “dream guy,” right? Some want to marry an athlete, others would like nothing more than for their partner to be a successful businessman – and then there are those that want to date a cowboy.

Although these country boys have all the masculinity and ruggedness in them that would make any woman want them, there are still some ladies out there who aren’t convinced that a western match is the way to go. Well, for those of you who can’t see why being with a country boy can be awesome, here are the top four reasons to date a cowboy.

1. Muscles, Muscles Everywhere

Let’s start with the obvious. Cowboys are best known for their skill (as well as the time they spend) at handling cattle, horses and other ranch stuff. As most of us know, all of these things usually require a healthy dose of physical activity, which can mean only one thing – muscles!

If we’re being completely honest, it’s not just a great physique that cowboys and cowgirls get from their everyday work, but also a good health and a considerable amount of know-how and practical knowledge most city folk don’t possess. Still, the pecs, abs and biceps take the cake when it comes to being physically active, which you can bet all cowboys are.

2. Family Men

If there’s anything that a cowboy might pick up from his way of life, it’s that family always comes first. City men aren’t like that in 100% of the cases – in fact, you’d be lucky to find one who wants to get married before making partner at his firm.

To cowboys, the family is the most basic unit of our society. It’s what a nation is built upon and as we all know, cowboys are mostly big patriots, which means the best way they can contribute to their nation is by having a big family with lots of kids.

3. Flower-Bringers

They say chivalry is dead, but if you ask any cowboy, bringing flowers to his lady is something he not only does frequently, but rather likes doing it instead of feeling obliged to.

Since cowboys spend a lot of their time outside, both on the ranch and in their garden, there’s a good chance that your cowboy boyfriend will often bring you flowers – they’ll even go out of their way to handpick them either from the side of the road or from their own garden.

4. Extraordinary Dates

Let’s face it – cowboys are nothing like the ordinary men you can meet every day. They spend most of their time out of the house, they are usually well-behaved, they are ripped and strong and so on. Aside from that, each date with a cowboy will be not only different than the regular stuff, but also different from the last.

Instead of taking you to the movies or to a nice restaurant, a cowboy will treat you to a night of two-stepping or he’ll take you horse riding. Either way, you never know what to expect while dating a cowboy, but you can bet it won’t be boring at any point.

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