Top 4 Online Dating Tips for Disabled Singles

free disabled dating

Thanks to free disabled dating sites, finding love has become far easier for handicapped singles nowadays. However, if you are ready to get back on the market, you need to plot your own course. Of course, it is way easier to just sit back and wait for your perfect match to send you a message, but that will probably never happen and you will waste a lot of time. Therefore, be proactive, start chatting with other members and don’t forget to follow these simple rules.

Have realistic expectations

Although online dating allows you to find potential love interests in an easy way, you still need to invest your time and use modern tools to show other users how charming and amazing you are. Be realistic and keep in mind that you will most likely talk to a bunch of people who are not right for you before you strike gold. Nothing worth having in life comes easy, and the same goes for finding love. Therefore, be persistent, be an engaging conversationalist, know what you want and don’t be afraid to make the first move. Yes, sending that dreaded first message might feel like you are taking some kind of exam, but bear in mind that the recipient has actually no idea who you are at that point.

Ask for advice

If you have never tried using disabled dating sites, you need to know that there are hundreds of them out there and choosing the right one is not an easy task. Therefore, ask around, go on forums and read reviews before you commit to a specific dating platform.

Add several photos

Forget about Snapchat or Instagram photos and upload at least one unfiltered photo of yourself. You should also add a picture of you where people can see that you are in a wheelchair. This eliminates that first date awkwardness and helps people get to know you and your situation better.

Don’t rush

It is always better to wait for a while before agreeing to a date because that lets you weed out flaky singles and con artists. On the other hand, don’t spend months trading messages before even suggesting a date since your potential match might lose interests or start seeing you only as a friend.

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