Top 3 Ways to Show a Biker You’re Into Him

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So you’ve got a new mission – to seduce the cutest biker you’ve laid your eyes on in a long timbe. Clearly, you won’t need dating sites for bikers to find your object of affection, but you could still check them out to see if he’s got a profile there. This will be a good starting point for you to see what he’s into so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. In the meantime, we’ve got our top 3 tips for you to show your biker crush you can’t take your mind off of him without even saying a word.

#1: Dress to Impress

Bikers love tough chicks, at least on the outside. Since he doesn’t know your personality, heart, and soul yet, you can only show him your exterior and it better be impressive. Dress provocatively when you know you’ll be seeing him, provided you’re always confident and stand behind the clothes and style you’re sporting. Wear leather, high heels, your hair down, and lots of makeup. You’ll have plenty of time to show him your soft side once you seduce him and make him yours.

#2: Have an Entourage

Bikes can’t resist the girls who are popular. Granted, girls can’t resist guys who’re natural magnets for other people but don’t for one second think they don’t feel the same way. This is exactly why you should be with an entourage when you know you’ll be running into each other. What’s more, if you’re bringing your inner circle, let one or two of your closest friends in on your secret – tell them you’re on a mission to make a biker fall for you and they’ll do everything in their power to ensure you look and feel like the world is at your feet.

#3: Don’t Get Drunk

You want the situation under control, and if you’re under the influence of any drugs or alcohol it’s going to be that much more difficult to maintain it. Have a drink or two, or whichever amount of alcohol you know won’t tamper with your judgment, and enjoy your evening, but don’t allow yourself to get wasted, do things you’d rather not talk about the next day, or leave the wrong impression. Remember, it’s not just your biker crush who’ll be watching you. His friends will be there too, and if there are any girls in his group they won’t even attempt to defend that kind of behavior, so you better be careful.

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