Top 3 Tips To Make Your Cougar Dating Mission A Success

Dating Mission

If you have a cougar dating mission for 2018, and want to make it as successful as possible, we’ve got a few tips for you to help you meet your match. The best place to start is to help you understand how a cougar’s mind works on any given day so you know what to expect, and how to react without undermining your chances of seeing her again.

#1: Let Her Be Independent

Cougars, unlike young girls looking for husbands whose lives they can control, don’t want to control you, and would (basically) never let you control them or have a say in how they run their lives. Cougars are very independent creatures, and value their independence more than anything. If they wanted a joint bank account with someone, they’d already have one, and that being said, let her live her life the way she sees fit if you want to be a part of it. If she’s a workaholic and likes to earn lots of money only to spend it all on overpriced shoes and bags, let her. She knows they’re overpriced, doesn’t need you to open her eyes, and chooses to buy them anyway.

#2: Don’t Let Your Self-Confidence Take A Hit

No matter what she does or how irrational some of her choices may be, don’t feel threatened because that could negatively affect your self-confidence, which in turn could hurt your chances with a cougar. She’s going out with you because she’s attracted to your many qualities, first and foremost how confident you are, and how you can handle any situation with class. She likes strong men, and of all the guys she could have picked, she picked you! That alone says a lot about how great you are, so you better maintain and even improve the qualities that attracted her in the first place.

#3: Out With Clingers, In With Strong Men

Cougars don’t like clingers, needy spoiled men incapable of making a decision, or in general men who are not strong enough to take on a woman who knows what she wants. This means you’ll have to give her space, and a reason to keep coming back to you every time she finds herself in a tempting situation. You’ll achieve this by being confident in all your life choices, being the voice of reason, and a kind of person she can rely on in case the road gets rocky.

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