Top 3 Tips for Traveling with a Farmer

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Your farmers dating site of choice has done its job, and you’ve got yourself a cute farmer who adores you and can’t go more than two days in a row without seeing you. The time has come for your first trip together that will put your relationship to the test, and you want to make sure you pass with flying colors. Below we offer our top 3 tips that will make it a trip to remember.

#1: Pack Light

Farmers are simple people who are low maintenance and can’t quite wrap their heads around the fact you have 17 pairs of shoes in your closet which all look pretty similar. If you’re going on a trip with a farmer, chances are all you’ll need are comfy sneakers or boots, depending on the season, and you’ll be all set. A few casual outfits, a nice dress and a pair of heels just in case, and some sexy lingerie to make the most of your trip is all you’ll need. Keep in mind that most farmers are such gentlemen they’ll carry your suitcase for you. Make it easier on them and pack light!

#2: Hit the Salon

Just because you won’t bring your entire manicure set with you doesn’t mean you can’t get a long-lasting manicure at the salon. You shouldn’t waste your time on styling your hair when away with a farmer, but there is no reason why you wouldn’t get a wash and style the day before. A pedicure is a definite must even if you won’t be wearing any sandals. He may be a low key farmer, but a woman who doesn’t let herself go never goes unnoticed. You don’t have to brag about it. Just get pampered beforehand, and act as effortlessly as you can about it during the trip.

#3: Make a Plan

If your farmer isn’t too good at making decisions, create an itinerary for the trip that includes the things both of you want to do or see. Don’t worry about killing all the spontaneity because you can always take a detour if the right opportunity presents itself. Make a list of all the landmarks, beaches and live shows that shouldn’t be missed, and make a plan when you want to check them out. Leave some room for rest because your farmer certainly needs it, plus spending a little alone time with him without anything to do in particular will deepen your relationship and strengthen the bond between you.

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