Top 3 Things Biker Dating Rookies Need To Know

Rookies Need To Know

Biker dating is one of the most exciting yet laid back dating niches out there, and if you’re at all interested in entering those biker circles, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. Bikers may be willing to embrace you quite quickly if you show true appreciation for their lifestyle, but are you will to embrace them? Guess you’ll find out soon enough!

#1: You Better Love The Outdoors

Rain or shine, you’ll be spending every waking hour outside with your biker date, and this includes all sorts of activities, from riding along wooded roads to repairing the bike down at the garage. Once you meet local bikers, you’ll realize that the beauty of befriending and dating biker singles is in the fact that they won’t let you be a couch potato, and after hanging out with them for a couple of weeks you’ll forget all about Netflix, and lazy afternoons spent watching TV. If you’re not already a fan of outdoorsy activities, there is no doubt you will become one, and if you are, your love of nature will be taken to a whole new level. And the best part is that you’ll absolutely love beating the traffic everywhere you go!

#2: Bikers Don’t Do Fancy Dinners

If you like posh stuff, such as expensive outings, fancy vacations, and pricey dinners, biker dating is definitely not a niche for you. In that case, you should probably look towards banker dating instead as single bikers will not be taking you out to any fancy meals anytime soon. Not that they’re all broke per se, but they’re not the richest bunch out there either. They like simple things, and money doesn’t impress them much, which means you better get used to that burger with fries down at the local diner. What’s more, if you really want to impress your biker date, learn how to make a juicy burger at home! That way you’ll both save some money and spend some quality time indoors, which will be a nice change.

#3: Upkeep Will Be A Breeze

In addition to beating the traffic, the best thing about dating bikers that the rookies in this niche need to know about is the fact that their personal upkeep will be a breeze. No more spending hours in the bathroom, getting ready for a date. Greasy hair? No problem. Creased shirt? You won’t be the only one! As long as you’re nice, and you don’t complain about riding all day, they’ll make you feel like part of their group in no time, regardless of what you look like. And given that the fanciest date you’ll get to go on will include coffee refills and jukeboxes, don’t worry about what you look like. Plus, you’ll be expected to get used to helmet hair pretty soon, so you might as well adopt that whole laid back attitude anyways.

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