Top 3 Super Easy Ways To Find Your Perfect Western Match

western match

Finding a really good Western match in this day and age is getting harder and harder, but make no mistake, there are still hard-working, dedicated and fun-loving cowboys for you to meet all over the country. Your search will take persistence and plenty to patience, but in the end you’ll be riding into the sunset with your handsome cowboy. Here is a short, but comprehensive list of the most essential steps you need to take to find your perfect cowboy date.

#1: Give Online Dating a Chance

Regardless of the niche in which you’re hoping to meet a good match, you’re safest bet is to give online dating a try. Do your research and opt for a cowboy dating service or two that cater both to the people living in your area, and to those who might be a little further away. If you’re not an experienced online dater, set your geographical preferences to a 100-mile radius so you don’t find yourself in a long-distance relationship too soon. Keep your profile fresh and engaging to attract as many users as possible, and don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there. Give various kinds of cowboys a chance, go on dates and explore your options. Pretty soon you’ll see that the internet is the place to meet single cowboys, despite their outdoorsy lifestyle.

#2: Frequent Places Where Cowboy Culture is Thriving

In addition to online dating, another super efficient thing you can try is frequenting places where cowboy culture is alive and well. If you don’t happen to live in Texas, taking a trip to Houston or Austin every once in a while will bring you closer to one of the most developed cowboys scenes in the country. Visit ranches and rodeos, have a go at the best cowboy bars in town or visit a museum with a cowboy exhibition. You’ll run into plenty of eligible cowboys, and one of them could just be your perfect mate. If Texas happens to be fruitless or inaccessible, there are always Montana, Utah, Iowa and Colorado.

#3: Your Friends Are Your Best Matchmakers

Last, but not least, turn to your friends to set you up with what they think is a perfect cowboy for you. Nobody knows you better than them, which means you should enlist their help and see what they come up with. They understand your needs better than any matchmaking service out there, and can compare your compatibility with someone better than any dating site algorithm. The downside to your friends playing matchmaker is that you might not like a person they’re really close to, which can make for some pretty awkward game nights. Rule of thumb in this situation is to ask to be introduced to someone who isn’t from their inner circle, that way avoiding any embarrassing situations at birthday parties or get-togethers.

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