Tips From Disabled Dating Sites: How To Date A Person In Wheelchair

Tips From Disabled Dating Sites

So, you’ve found that special someone and as it happens, they are in wheelchair. You are probably afraid that you will say something wrong and offend them. Here are some tips so that your date goes as smoothly as possible.

Even people without disabilities visit disabled dating sites, because they just don’t care if their partner is handicapped or not. The only thing that’s important is that they get along. If the person you like is in a wheelchair there’s no need for your date to be awkward. Just follow these guidelines.

Bad jokes

Handicap dating comes with some rules, and avoiding bad jokes is one of them. Don’t ask your date if you can have a ride or if they want to race. You will come off as a douche bag, and you don’t want to do that. Approach you date just like you would approach any other person.

Don’t assume

Include the person you are dating in your plans. Don’t assume they can’t or they won’t do something just because they are in a wheelchair. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they want to join you. It’s better that they tell you if they can’t go instead of feeling left behind.

People stare, deal with it

If you are going on dates with disabled singles, be prepared that you will get some strange looks. Just ignore them and concentrate on your date. It’s important what they have to say and not what people might think. Your partner is used to stares, and so should you be.


Enjoy your date, show your partner that you are comfortable and that it’s a perfectly normal situation for you. Don’t jump every five seconds to help them. They can take care of themselves. If your date needs some assistance, they will ask you. No need to look at them like they are helpless, because they are far from it.


Crucial part of any relationship is communication. If you two are getting serious, you must be able to ask them anything you want to know about their disability. Feel free to express concerns or ask them how things are going to work in the bedroom. If you are able to talk about anything your relationship will be amazing.

You’re dating the person, not their disability

We all have some kind of baggage. For someone it’s a rough childhood or a bad relationship, for someone it’s something more visible like wheelchair. Nobody’s perfect. Don’t let the chair stop you from having a great time with someone. They could be the best person in the world and you will miss it if you don’t keep your mind open. Be proud of your relationship and show your partner how much they mean to you.

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