How Skype Sexting Can Save Your Long Distance Relationship

Save Your Long Distance Relationship

So, you had to move far away from your girlfriend and being on opposite sides of the country means that you won’t be seeing each other often, let alone getting intimate or having sex. This is where technology that long has had the reputation of ruining monogamous relationships instead will be the savior for those who are far apart. Skype sexting is a thing. It’s something that can connect you with your woman while you are away, and create or keep the intimacy going, so when you do see each other, your sex life will not have skipped a beat.

You can’t think of it as a replacement for the real thing. The smell of skin and the feel of lips is it’s own divine experience. But you can have a type of sex which can be satisfying and rewarding, and mutually beneficial. You might even be able to orgasm together in a way you never could in person. Whether you use Skype sexting, Instagram sexting, or Twitter sexting – they all work basically the same way.

How? The way web sex works is simple, you sit in front of you webcam or create live or recorded video feeds which you share with your partner. What you decide to do in front of the camera together is up to you, and your girlfriend, based on what she likes. Each person pleases themselves and masturbates using some sex toys or talk dirty to each other while they manually stimulate themselves. Since it’s a simultaneous love experience you can try to climax together or focus on one person at a time. The point is, you get to share and see the sexual experience and that makes it a joint session. An intimate shared sexual experience that connects you and excites you.

It also keeps the spark alive for face-to-face encounters. So, here are a few ground rules and suggestions to make your Skype sexting phenomenal. And of course, if you don’t have a partner and it’s something that you really want to do, then try looking up some usernames on a Snapchat or Kik sexting forum.

Private Place

Make sure you have a comfortable private spot like your bedroom, which has a nice ambiance set, maybe light candles or draw the drapes so there is a romantic intimate feel to the space, your woman will love it and it will inspire her too.


Use language and talk before you do anything sexual. Tell her how many bad and dirty things you wanted to do her during the time you’re away, and what you think about, positions, places, and how many times. Give all the details so you can turn her mind on first.


Then you can actually start undressing, and showing her your member. You can start touching yourself a bit outside your underwear, and only slowly reveal your nakedness. Take things slow and talk through it so she knows exactly what you want.

Sex & Climax

Obviously do whatever you like, in any position you like and show her how much she turns you on. Encourage her to use whatever she needs to cum and help her by telling her how beautiful she looks and how much you wish you could be there. Climax and enjoy in the joint pleasure.

Pillow Talk

Don’t ever sign out right after sex. Reassure her, tell her you had fun, and chat about anything really for 10-15 minutes to create a sense of intimacy, so she’ll want to have that closeness again and again.

Have fun when you’re Skype texting, keep it light and use your creativity. Make sure both your pleasure is a part of the experience and smile. Don’t take it too seriously, the real fun will happen when you finally meet.

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