Short Story: What I discovered about Biker Dating

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When I first entered the world of dating – and it was back in my adolescent years – it wasn’t long enough until I noticed this pattern. Namely, I was usually attracted to nice boys who treated me well. What all these relationships had in common was that everything seemed perfect in the beginning, and I believed I was blessed with an opportunity to be with such great guys whom I somehow thought I didn’t deserve. What bothered me the most is that after some time in a relationship, I would start to experience this unexplained boredom which I thought was bound to happen after the initial chemistry would fade away. At the same time, I heard some of my female friends complaining about having bad experiences with so-called bad guys so I honestly thought that any sort of alternative dating and even a biker dating weren’t options for me either. So I decided to be satisfied with mediocre relationships and keep my mouth shut about it, let alone tell anyone I want to meet local bikers.

Then Josh happened

I can still recall it as if it were today: it was a sophomore year and we were partying like it was the end of the world. At one of those college parties, I noticed Josh in the crowd. He seemed mysterious and sexy, you know, he had that James Dean kind of vibe. It turned out that one of my friends knew him, so I asked her to introduce us, but I had to admit I felt a bit embarrassed because I usually wasn’t the one who would take the initiative. When we finally started to talk, I was immediately attracted by his friendly attitude, and when he asked me to go for a short trip that weekend, I said yes.

As we got to know each other little bit better, he admitted that he was a part of a local motorcycle club where he made a ton of friends and that he used every chance to get out of the city, whether with some of those guys or on his own. After the party ended, I was a bit tipsy but full of positive impressions that led me to believe that something good was about to happen, so waiting for the Saturday to come seemed like a mission impossible indeed.

First Date

That first date of ours was a pure success and our relationship, in general, was one of the most exciting periods of my life. He didn’t take me in the middle of nowhere, which he knew could be super creepy, especially on the first date. Instead, we went just outside of the city because there was this breathtaking landscape that looked amazing in the mid-autumn, all gold and brown. Everything seemed so simple and beautiful and I enjoyed every second of our time together, so even when he took me that night to meet local bikers with whom he was hanging out often, I felt like I knew them for my entire life since they were very friendly and real social butterflies.

What we had

Josh and I spent a beautiful year together before he sadly had to move to another part of the country to finish his education there, which was pretty devastating for me. Still, I’m very fond of his memory, even to this day when I’m happily married because I know that he taught me to understand better how I wanted my life to be. And even though I still think that nice guys are great, I’m also fully aware that routine is simply not an option for me. I have realized that I need an active partner who also enjoys having a dynamic relationship full of traveling and attending social events, and I found my beloved husband. And for that, I’ll be eternally grateful to Josh.

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