Are you an online dating rookie? Check out these 5 essential tips.

Are you an online dating rookie?

Creating a profile on a dating site is the fastest way to meet new people and put yourself back on the market. If you are an online dating newbie, don’t worry. It isn’t that complicated, and we guarantee, you will have fun.

If you’ve decided to meet people online, there are some things you should know. With our five tips you will become a dating pro in no time! So, let begin.

Dating sites

You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on first dates where you want to run away as soon as your date opens their mouth. Today, there are free personals. You can make your online profile with no cost at all. Put yourself out there and let the games begin. When making a profile, make sure you upload your photo. If you do not, chances are nobody will want to chat with you.

Be honest

Don’t lie about your age, height, weight or anything like that. The point of online dating is to find that person to go out with. As soon as you walk into a restaurant, they will see you were making stuff up, so what’s the point? Be yourself and write about your interests, your hobbies, what books you like to read or what movies you like to watch. When you find that person with whom you share your interest with, a date in real life will be a piece of cake.

It may take a few…

You will probably hope that your first date will go as smoothly as possible. We hope too, but the reality is that it will probably take a few before you meet that special someone. Just stay positive! Learn from your mistakes, get out of the boring dates as quickly and politely as you can, and move on. At least you will have stories to tell your friends.

Going to extremes

Don’t be too shy. If you are trying to sound modest and put yourself down on your dating profile, people will get the wrong idea. You will come off as insecure and needy, and no one wants to date that person. On the other hand, don’t be too cocky. People are attracted to confidence, but too much of it can make you seem like a douchebag. Find the middle and stick with it.

I like everything young people like

Ok, if you just write you love reading and listening to music, no one will be interested. It’s like when a girl on a beauty pageant says she loves long walks on the beach and watching the sunset. We’ve all heard that one before. Think of something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Explain to your potential dates why you are unique. Be specific. Say what kind of music do you like, what was the best concert you’ve been to, who is your favorite author and why do you like them. This way people who are trying to find love online will know if you are the person they share their interest with. Say anything, just don’t be bland.

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