How Not to do Herpes Dating

herpes dating

Dating always has and forever will have its own set of rules, regardless of how specific it might get at times. Whether you’re a guy trying to find a girl for a romantic relationship or you’re a kinky person looking for a BDSM partner, there is certain etiquette involved into the process – especially when it comes to herpes dating.

Having HSV and being an active dater at the same time means you must take some extra steps while making sure you avoid a few things you normally wouldn’t have to. In that name, here is how not to do herpes dating.

Hiding the Truth

Being untruthful has never been quality but rather a flaw. Hiding the truth about your past and your future intentions will only bring unwanted results to you, regardless of whether you’re trying to pick up a date at a local bar or on a herpes dating site.

When you present yourself for something you’re not, you’re just attracting the wrong type of people to yourself and setting yourself up for failure once the person you’re dating realizes that you’re not who you say you are, and that your plans are entirely different from what they’ve initially thought.

The only worse thing you could do here is to hide the fact that you belong to the HSV singles community since herpes is, in fact, a viral disease that has to be handled carefully. At the end of the day, some people just don’t want to be close to it,and you’ve got to respect that – in other words, full disclosure is crucial here.

Asking for Too Little

The other most common mistake people who do herpes dating make is having a wrong opinion about themselves because they’ve got HSV and therefore having low standards and self-esteem.

Let’s get something clear – just because you have herpes doesn’t mean you’re a reckless and promiscuous individual who has sex with everything that walks and who hasn’t heard of a condom. Herpes can be caught in swimming pools and bus seats, so don’t let a disease be the reason for you to change your opinion about yourself.

Furthermore, this means that you also shouldn’t settle for just anything just because you’re stuck with HSV at the moment. In fact, this is what websites for herpes dating are built for – to help you and others like you find love and friends despite the presence of an illness.

Once again, full disclosure is the way to go, especially on these sites, as not everyone feels comfortable with the same type of interaction. Some people just need a higher level of trust between themselves and the person they’re dating before they can engage in a full-blown relationship with them, which also means that you can’t rush anywhere when it comes to dating with herpes.

To recap, you shouldn’t be dishonest about your condition and intentions, but you also shouldn’t have low self-confidence and expectations just because you have herpes. Finally, if you didn’t have any luck today, just wait and try again tomorrow.

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