What Makes Someone Become a Teen Crossdresser?

What Makes Someone Become

Out of all the different atypical sexual preferences and behaviors, crossdressing has to be one of the most well-known. It’s very simple – you just put on clothes that would normally be worn by the opposite sex – but it’s not as weird when an adult does it as it is when there is a teen crossdresser.

Have you ever wondered what makes someone do this or how do these people feel when they get caught crossdressing? In case you have but you couldn’t find the answer, the following might clear things up for you and give you some insight on why crossdressers do what they do.

1. Jealousy

The urge to dress as the opposite gender begins, believe it or not, at an early age. Our parents teach us that boys should wear boys’ clothes and girls should wear girls’ clothes, but nobody ever explains to us that it’s wrong when a boy wears a skirt or when a girl wears a hockey jersey, do they?

This isn’t the real issue however. In most cases people start crossdressing out of jealousy of their older siblings or one of their parents. It’s a mixture of envy and trying to copy someone close to you, really, that makes kids want to wear something they normally wouldn’t.

For example, a young boy who gets frequently jealous of his older sister because she’s getting more attention by their parents than him or who loves his sister so much that he copies her in everything she does – he is most likely going to put on her clothes at some point.

Sometimes these things happen once or twice and that’s the end of that. But as these social issues continue to grow, so does the need to at least pretend to be someone else by wearing their clothes.

2. Identity Crisis

It’s not that strange for kids to go through an identity crisis during their teen years, which can be yet another cause of crossdressing. When you don’t know who you are, how will you know what to wear?

There are numerous cases in which an adolescent would begin questioning his/her sexuality during puberty. This leads him, for example, to asking questions like “I am supposed to be a boy?” and “Should I start wearing skirts and bras to see if they would suit me better than T-shirts and jeans?”

One thing leads to another, and the kid everyone knows as Jim actually turns into Monica every now and then when nobody’s home. Crossdressing isn’t as serious of an issue as an identity crisis can be, especially once you consider how many deep psychological problems the latter can leave upon the mind.

Like it is with jealousy, so can crossdressing caused by an identity crisis stop after a while by itself. On the other hand, if the crisis isn’t treated and the crossdressing doesn’t disappear on its own, it’s most likely to continue with an even higher intensity or even transform into transsexuality at some point.

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