Who Has The Most Instagram Followers: Most Popular Accounts From TV Stars

Most Popular Accounts From TV Stars

When you watch series for some time, you get attached to those characters as well as to people playing them. You want to know everything about them, from where else have they have starred to some details from their personal lives. And what better place to find some interesting details than Instagram.

Many TV show stars have Instagram accounts. If you want to know who has the most Instagram followers just keep reading. We have made a list of actors whose accounts are very popular on this social network.

Neil Patrick Harris (@nph)

Who doesn’t know Barney from How I Met Your Mother. This guy has won our hearts with this role and we love to know what’s new in his life. He is pretty active on Instagram where he has 6 million followers. Neil just adores his kids and his profile is filled with their pictures, but also with photos of his husband. To see more details from his personal life, just click follow.

Zooey Deshanel (@zooeydeschanel)

If you don’t know that she is the star of hit series New Girl, just look at her Instagram and you will see. This girl loves sharing behind-the-scenes moments as well as pictures from the show. You can also see some pics from glamorous events and her famous friends. Zooey is close with her family and you can see selfies with her sister Emily who you might know as Bones from another hit series.

Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara)

This Colombian bombshell is a star of Modern Family. If you love this show, you will love her Instagram account. She has shared over 2,500 posts, and many of them are behind-the-scenes moments. You can also see pics with her handsome hubby and friends.

Emilia Clarke @emilia_clarke

Emilia is famous for her role in hit series Game of Thrones. Mother of dragons posts a lot, but none of her pics contain spoilers. So if you want to know more about upcoming episodes, you won’t find anything here, but if you want to see Emilia’s gorgeous and funny pics, you should definitely follow her.

Blake Lively (@blakelively)

She will always be the Gossip Girl for us. Blake is always rocking the red carpet, and her Instagram is filled with glamorous photos. And ladies, you can also see pics of her handsome husband.

Lena Dunham (@lenadunham)

She has finished the series Girls which she directed, produced and starred in, and now she is resting in her new pajamas. You can see how she is spending her free days on her Instagram, where she has 3.3 million followers. Lena’s profile is filled with red carpet posts, funny selfies and #tbt moments.

Lena Headey @iamlenaheadey

One more Lena and one more star of Game of Thrones series. One of the most popular Instagram accounts that belongs to a TV star is owned by this goofy lady. Yes, she is playing a real b… in the series, but in real life Lena is hilarious. Check out her profile and see for yourself.

Selena Gomez @selenagomez

She is the most followed person on Instagram. This actress and singer has 116 million followers. Selena knows how to keep her fans active on her profile.

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