Instagram Accounts From The World Of Sports You Simply Have To Follow

Instagram Accounts From The World Of Sports

Over the past decade, Facebook and Twitter were the absolute rulers of the social media world and most people thought it will stay like that for quite some time. Then, Instagram showed up and caused mayhem among social network enthusiasts. However, our world is an enormous place packed with more than seven billion people and there are still plenty of people out there who haven’t discovered Instagram. So, if you’re new to this exciting social app, stick around and check out best Instagram accounts from the world of sports you must start following as soon as possible!

Neymar (@neymarjr)

It’s safe to say that this incredibly talented Barcelona’s forward has one of the top Instagram accounts out there. In the world of soccer, Neymar is probably one of the biggest Instagram celebrities. Besides his awesome skills on the pitch, the gifted Brazilian also knows how to capture the perfect selfie. He lives life to the fullest and he’s not shy to share parts of his private life with fans all around the world. If you’re into soccer, you should definitely follow the Barcelona star.

Conor McGregor (@thenotoriousmma)

If you’re an UFC fan, you might want to follow the most popular modern gladiator in the world today. Yes, this self-centered and absolutely awesome Irishman posts phenomenal content on his Instagram account. Conor updates his fans almost every day and he does it exceptionally well. He posts unique photos and videos from his UFC fights and MMA training sessions. Nowadays, you can even check out the footage from his preparation process for the fight of the century against Floyd Mayweather.

Roger Federer (@rogerfederer)

Well, let’s just say that Roger Federer is basically the synonym for tennis. Therefore, if you love the queen of sports and you have Instagram, you should definitely follow the greatest player who ever played the game. The Swiss maestro leads a quiet and beautiful family life with his wife Mirka and their two adorable sets of twins. Roger travels a lot and he likes to posts photos and videos from his adventures. Tennis and traveling, what else do you need, right?

Cesc Fabregas (@cescf4bregas)

This legendary Spanish soccer player is absolutely dominating the Instagram game. He is really passionate about the game and he doesn’t hesitate to share his enthusiasm with his fans. The Chelsea midfielder is also a decent family man who often shares photos of his lovely family. He simply understands how this whole Instagram thing works, so the fact that he has over 8.8 million followers is really not that surprising.

Usain Bolt (@usainbolt)

The fastest man alive. No, not Barry Allen from The Flash, we’re talking about the incredible Jamaican, Usain Bolt. On the track, he’s still the fastest man on the planet, but he’s not too slow when it comes to Instagram either. Usain posts exclusive content from his training sessions and candid photos from his private life. If you love sports, you simply must follow one of the greatest athletes who ever lived.

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