Here’s How You Can Easily Mistake Lust For Love

We all want to love and be loved; it is in our nature. This is why we go on blind dates, visit an online dating service and ask our friends to set us up. And precisely because we want to reach this emotional fulfillment, we tend to mistake some other things for love, such as lust. Even though in relationships these are usually intertwined, there is a fine line between them in reality, so keep reading if you want to learn the difference between love gestures and acts of lust.

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When you cuddle after sex

Although it doesn’t make a lot of sense, people consider cuddling much more intimate than actual sex. This is why girls often think that guys have real feelings for them when they hold them in their arms afterward. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have to do anything with love at all.

Calling instead of texting

OMG, he wants to hear your voice! He must be in love with you! Nah, try to read between the lines. You see, even though he has called you to under the excuse to see what you’re up to, the chances are he actually wants to know whether you are available for some bowchikawowow later.

When you make out a lot during foreplay

You may feel connected to him on a deeper level just because you are sucking each other’s faces, but honey, that is just lust. When it comes to sex, guys turn to brainless bodies. He might even tell you that he loves you during your ‘oral exam,’ but that doesn’t mean squat.

When they stare at you

If you don’t want to be delusional, you need to learn the difference between ‘I love you so much’ kind of look, and ‘I want you right now on this table’ type of stare.

The hello kiss

Couples usually kiss when they meet, but the action itself doesn’t necessarily have a deeper meaning. Even friends with benefits sometimes do that.

He says that you are beautiful

Have you ever wondered if he is just trying to get into your pants? Be honest, girl, this is a cheesy line, and you know it!

When you look into each other eyes during sex

Although lovers usually do this during sex, eye contact can happen even when you are just having a fling. Don’t read too much into it.

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