How to Get Out Of The Friend Zone With 5 Simple Tricks

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We often think that friend zone is reserved for male population only. However, women can find themselves in this unpleasant situation too. Namely, when they meet people online, some ladies take it slow. Moreover, they even take it so slowly that they develop a friendly bond with the guy they are hanging out with, instead of a romantic one. Anyways, there’s no need to worry in advance, especially when we have compiled this list of things that you can do to escape from the friend zone.

Act fast

As soon as you realize that you like the guy, avoid doing “buddy” things with him. For example, don’t go to a basketball game or play video games with him. Instead, go to a romantic restaurant or ice skating. We understand that you might be shy, but if you really like him, you need to act fast.

Don’t put yourself down

Maybe you are the clumsiest or the geekiest person in the world, but telling him that you are a colossal dork will make him appreciate you, but only as a friend. Self-deprecating humor, on the other hand, can be awesome too, but you should avoid using it when you are with the guy you like.

Play games

If you are too available to him, he won’t get the chance to miss you. Feel free to play hard to get; it is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Many women think that the guy will realize he loves them if they spend every minute together, but this is not how things work.

Therefore, don’t answer every time he calls, and don’t say that you are free as a bird every time he wants to make a plan. Even if you haven’t got a single thing to do, act like you are the busiest person on the planet.

Touch him

Innocent physical contact can go a long way. Therefore, put your hand on his back now and then, give him a kiss on the cheek to say hello and accidentally touch his hand when you are walking down the street. If he starts returning the gestures, you are golden.

Make him jealous

If he isn’t your only male friend, he may feel jealous, which is a good thing. So get more guy friends and start spending time with them. If he thinks that he is losing you, he may realize just how much he misses you.


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