They didn’t resist it either: Gay Celebrities that snapchat a lot

Gay Celebrities that snapchat a lot

Snapchat is the social network which is getting more and more popular every day in the US and worldwide. It has 200 thousand users, and this number is growing by the hour. This trending app on which you can upload your pics and videos is becoming appealing not only to us, regular mortals, but also to some of the biggest celebrities of today. By using this app you can also take a look-see in the personal life of your favorite stars.

Many famous gay people who are one of the main topics in plenty of gay kik groups are now using this social network, too. If you want to follow them and see what is going on in their lives, you don’t have to read the tabloids. Nowadays you can just follow them on Snapchat and get all the information you need. Here are some of the most famous gay celebrities who didn’t resist this app either.

#1 Ellen DeGeneres

Everyone knows Ellen as a stand-up comedian, host of her own TV show, and an advocate of LGBT rights ever since she came out in 1997. Ellen DeGeneres did more to change Americans’ attitudes about gay rights than any other famous person. She is very active on every social network and Snapchat is not an exception. Ellen is funny and entertaining in her private life, as well as she is in front of the audience. If you don’t believe us, just check her Snapchat profile and see for yourself.

#2 Adam Lambert

Who said that gay Snapchat usernames are usually complicated and have nothing to do with a person’s name. Adam Lambert is very easy to find, because his username is “iamadamlambert”. This singer, who has definitely been a topic in more than a few gay kik sexting conversations, became famous in 2009 after finishing as runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol. In the same year he released his debut album, “For your entertainment” with the most popular song “What do you want from me”. So add Adam on Snapchat and see his selfies, pictures of his pets and recent tattoos.

#3 Neil Patrick Harris

You probably know him as the legendary Barney Stinson from the hit series “How I met your mother”. He also hosted the Oscars in 2015 and had a few appearances in the popular series “American horror story”. Neil Patrick Harris is very active on social media, so it’s no wonder he is on Snapchat. His selfies are usually enriched with his fantastic sense of humor.

#4 Jim Parsons

Like one of his catch phrases on the popular TV show “The big bang theory”, Jim Parsons’ Snapchat is full of “Bazingas”. You can often see him using Snapchat filters, so by following him you will definitely be entertained.

#5 Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse who is gay in real life as he is in the series “Modern Family” is someone you should follow on Snapchat. He is even funnier in real life than in this hit TV show. Pictures of his adorable dogs and videos of him singing will definitely make your day.

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