Why Cougar Dating Can Change How You Hookup [INFOGRAPHIC]

cougar dating

How to act and date a hot cougar.

Cougar Dating

Do you know what a cougar is? Not one you’ll find in the zoo, but the kind that will you will find drinking a fancy cocktail by the bar and exuding confidence and sensuality. Yes men, that woman over 35 how has a job and kids even, and is single is out there to find young men (cubs) who are open and susceptible to her charms. Cougar dating is now super popular among younger men who know they don’t have to date in their age range to find sex, connection and fun!

If you want to meet cougars it’s actually not that difficult, but you have to know a few things about dating a cougar and what it’s like to pick one up and get involved. Here are a few things you should know and how to behave with a cougar on a date, that if you get right, it will change the way you date and hookup forever!

Be Respectful

Just because she’s older and maybe into no-attachment sex doesn’t mean she wants to be treated like a whore. If you want to connect with an older woman and reap the benefits then you have to also treat them like a lady which they have probably become accustomed to. There is no reason to be defensive or closed off and not give this connection a chance, If you are respectful of her life and wants, then she will show you the same respect you can expect from an adult that rarely younger women can offer you. Once she knows you respect her, she will open a world to you, you probably didn’t know existed… that takes us to the next point

Explore Sexuality

She will probably have a lot more sexual experience than you, simply due to the sheer amount of years she’s been active. It’s not intimidating but rather freeing because you know she is with you because she wants you and see something special about you. So that means you can compare to the real men she has bedded. You can learn so much about how to please a woman because she probably is not into head games and knows who she is and therefore can be honest. Was the last session hot? No, it can be hotter? She will tell you. And she will tell you how, and that’s something no girl your age can give you.

She’s Got a Life

It’s not like she is obsessed with social media, since she probably grew up without it, and her circle of real friends are tighter so she doesn’t need to share everything that happened between you on social. It also means you have more discretion and more room to explore your connection without feeling like your tied down. If she has kids and definitely due to her work, she won’t have time to obsess about you. That’s refreshing because she won’t care where you went last night and what you posted on Facebook. With her own life and concerns, she’s not about to get mixed up in with yours unless you explicitly invite her, and though she might brag what a stallion you are in bed, beyond that your name rarely passes her lips. She knows what privacy means, and is not looking to be married, so if you are busy or going out with others, she won’t freak out or shame you. That’s a huge difference than girls who still act like teenagers.

So, if you play your cards right, you can meet an amazing cougar who will nurture and support you but not smother you. She will be your sex goddess, but you don’t have to lay at her alter. And the refreshing part is, she has her own life, so you don’t have to be the center of her universe which takes the pressure off. Also, she probably has a better job than you, so you don’t have to support. The list goes on and on for the benefits of cougar dating, and every guy should try it at least once. And the best place to start is on some local cougar dating sites. Happy hunting!

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