Best Dolly Parton Movies You Need To Watch ASAP

Best Dolly Parton Movies

Dolly Parton is a living legend. This country icon is not only a famous singer, but she is also a songwriter and an actress. If you haven’t had a chance to see Dolly on a silver screen, you have some homework to do. Here are her most famous movies which you can watch with your western match.

Wild Texas Wind

This TV movie is about an aspiring singer who is caught in a violent relationship, which ultimately leads to a murder. Aside from Parton, Gary Busey and Ray Benson play the main characters in this motion picture. Country legend Willie Nelson also appears in the movie and Parton and Benson created the original soundtrack.

A Smoky Mountain Christmas

Like in the previous movie, Dolly also plays a musician here, but this time she is a famous star. In order to get away from the grind of Los Angeles, she travels to the Smoky Mountains where she becomes a caretaker of a group of orphans. This Christmas classic will melt your heart, but it is perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon too.

Unlikely Angel

Surprise, surprise, Dolly plays another country star. In this 1996 TV movie, she portrays an egotistical singer who meets an untimely death. But to earn her wings and become an angel, she has a mission to complete.

Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love

Another Dolly’s Christmas movie that will warm your heart. This one is based on her childhood in the Smoky Mountains, which wasn’t glamorous at all. The story follows the Parton family and the man of the house who makes sacrifices in order to buy his wife a wedding ring he could never afford. To help their father, kids also sacrifice their Christmas gifts so that he could have enough money to surprise their mother.

Steel Magnolias

This movie is a classic, so make sure you watch it. The 1989 motion picture is about a group of women who live in a small Southern town and cope with the loss of their friend. Steel Magnolias stars Parton as the funny local beautician, and it is most certainly one of her better movies.

9 to 5

This is actually the first movie Dolly appeared in. It is about three women who kidnap and blackmail their sexist boss. One of Parton’s most famous songs, ‘9 to 5’, was written for the film.

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