7 Advantages of Dating a Military Man

Dating a Military Man

Since the beginning of time, women were attracted to soldiers. To be more precise, they were drawn to their uniform. One might think it is their keen eye for fashion that pushes them into the arms of young fighters. Guess we’ll never know for certain, but the fact still remains, ladies are a sucker for a good West Point cut.

However, one thing is to be turned on by officer’s epaulets and medals of Honor. The story completely changes when we talk about uniform dating. Some ladies just can’t handle high tempo our finest men have to offer. In order to ring up the curtain, we made a list of 7 positive effects dating a military man can have on you and your life.

1. The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Soldiers are exemplary when it comes to rising up before dawn and getting ready for the new day. Ok, besides bakers and coal miners, that is…they get up early as well. You will be surprised how much things can be accomplished by following that simple motto: “Carpe Diem”.

2. They Are Tight And Neat

Forget about the mountain of dirty laundry, clothes lying on the floor, dishwasher filled with 2 days old utensils. They like order and organization and will act according to that. You can count on your G.I. to be there for you and help you with all the housework. He is almost as perfect as a Stepford Wife, without the wires. Oh, and he is a guy of course.

3. Moral

Probably the most valuable quality one might encounter while rummaging through military dating sites in search of a perfect man. If you see that he is a person of integrity and principle with high values of ethics then he is your match. High moral provides greater chances of a victory.

4. No Surrender

This philosophy might be too extreme, you might say, but wait until difficult times knock on your door. He is going to convince you that even when everything seems to be lost, things are worth fighting for. His belief and determination will save you hours of stress and most importantly give you the strength to carry on despite the temporary storm.

5. Brothers in Arms

Your man presumably had his fair share of days in the theater of war. He fully understands the importance of his comrade fighting next to him. You are that person in this arena of life and he will do everything in his power to keep you safe and sound.

6. “Semper Fi”

Although it is usually recognized as a U.S. Marine Corps maxim, this Latin proverb sums in 2 words what every decent soldier aims to be. Staying true and honest can be hard and a man of his stature will put an extra effort to be a man of his word. Many of military singles later become a perfect example of a faithful partner.

7. Tactician

He knows that war is not won with just one battle. He tends to make his plans so they can suit you both on a long run. Aiming for the most effective outcome, you can rely on him to come up with a complete campaign that you call “your future”. There is safety in anticipation and preparation for what life might bring to you.

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