6 Things Guys First Notice When They Meet A Woman

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When you are going on a date with a guy you have met online through BBW personals, you spend a lot of time choosing the perfect dress because you think that is the first thing he will notice about you.

However, studies have proven otherwise. Men notice a lot of things about girls when they first meet them, and by accentuating these parts of your body, you can increase your chances of getting a second date. Therefore, read the following and see which things you should pay attention to.

Your eyes

Believe it or not, more than 70% of men say that the first thing they notice about a woman is her eyes. Therefore, don’t overdo your eye makeup. Instead, go with light eyeliner, nude shadows and make sure your mascara does its job. Long eyelashes will make your whole look a lot sexier, so make sure to splurge on a quality mascara.

Your shoes

Just because a guy notices your shoes doesn’t mean he is gay (or has a foot fetish). As you probably know, the right shoes can improve your overall look and give your legs a little length.


Maybe you want to look like all those Hollywood divas, but keep in mind that natural look is always better than a fake, plastic one. Therefore, don’t bother with all those hair extensions, acrylic nails, fake tans and eyelashes since they can make you look unattractive.

Your attitude

Even while you are still chatting on a dating site, he will pick up on your attitude. Men respond to a friendly, warm, nurturing attitude, so show him that you are the kind of person he would love to be around.


A clear skin was, is and will always be attractive, so make sure you follow a good diet and take off your makeup every night before you go to bed. If you have dry skin, use a quality moisturizer, especially before your date. It will give your skin that healthy glow that is always a plus.

Your hair

Men respond to long hair, but even if you are rocking a short bob make sure your hair is always clean and shiny. A good hair is a sign of youth and good health, so use a quality shampoo and conditioner.

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