6 Things we bet you didn’t know about Cowgirl Dating [INFOGRAPHIC]

date a cowboy

We bet there are many ladies who happened to have a chance to date a cowboy, at least once in their lifetime and they probably think of it as a unique and memorable experience indeed. Dating cowgirls, on the other hand, is so not so different from dating cowboys, as these ladies boast some specific traits as well as strong personalities that are nothing like the ones we can attribute to typical city gals. Therefore, we decide to compile this list of 7 things we believe you don’t know when it comes to cowgirl dating, so stay tuned to discover what the fuss is all about.

date a cowboy

#1 They are tough cookies

Cowgirls are pretty tougher compared to regular city chicks and there are various reasons for this. First, these ladies work hard and are obsessed with horses (same as their male counterparts) and this inevitably leads us to the conclusion it somehow made them become more resilient in comparison with average city women. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t feminine or anything like that, it’s just that their particular interests have a little in common with the latest makeup trends or fashion crazes, just to mention a few ever-trending topics among the female audience in general.

#2 They are sexy

It’s precisely their uniqueness that makes them stand out from the crowd. And you have to admit there is something magical and attractive about a strong and independent woman who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about trivial and superficial things that are usually the main interests among other ladies. Namely, these women follow their own rules and have a busy daily routine that rarely leaves them any space for empty stories and gossiping. Plus, they are looking sizzlin’ hot in boots and jeans, right?

#3 They don’t take any s**t

They know how to tame a horse for Christ’s sake so it’s pretty clear they won’t take any crap from anyone. Further, their day is filled with actual chores and real physical work where they have already proved to be equal to men and you just have to admire and respect that. Finally, it gives them right to take a full control over their lives and they just don’t want to waste it on anything they don’t think it’s important. Period.

#4 They have a unique sense of style

Some might say that sticking to cowboy boots, washed denim and hats is outdated and reduced to a certain number of repetitive items but this has nothing with an actual truth. Moreover, cowgirls are usually trying to enrich their wardrobes with classic yet reinvented items that allow them to look good while dealing with their everyday tasks. After all, everyone can confirm that majority of typical cowboy garments look darn good on almost any woman out there. And in the end, cowgirls also want to look pretty, feminine, and attractive all the time but with one important difference though – they are doing it their way.

#5 They are independent

In spite of nurturing typical romantic ideals just like countless other women, cowgirls are still pretty independent ladies who are usually very proud of their personal achievements. This certainly doesn’t imply they aren’t looking to find their other halves to share all the good and bad in this world but rather that they are somewhat strict when it comes to getting involved with random men, as they are usually looking to find someone who will follow their rhythm and will be willing to keep up with certain dynamics while possessing the similar views on life and love in general. And there’s nothing wrong about it.

#6 They know what they want

Okay, so this one is pretty much tightly related to what we have mentioned above, but we still believe it’s very important to stress out once again these ladies’ determination to follow their own rules. A tough life has made them who they today while the most important lesson they learned from these hardships and diligent work is the one concerning their well-being that allows them to focus only on things that are genuinely important in their lives.

Have you dated a cowgirl before? We would really like to hear about your experience in the comment section below!

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