6 Rules Of Christian Dating Everyone Is Talking About

Christian dating

If you want to get back on the market and give Christian dating a chance, the very first thing you should bear in mind that you and you only are in charge of the way a man perceives and treats you.

Also, before you start going out, ask yourself what is it that you seek from a relationship, and then pursue it. In case you haven’t been on a date in a while, here are some tips which will help you have a pleasurable dating experience.

Let him pursue you

A real man doesn’t get scared that easily. If he is interested in you, you will be able to tell it from his gestures. So, when you begin dating other Christian singles, don’t be afraid to take the initiative and make your first seven dates all about culture. Therefore, visit museums, galleries or go and see a play at the local theater.

On the other hand, professional sporting events, golfing, rollerblading, and horseback riding are also great ideas. That way, you won’t stimulate the sex drive. With that said, make sure that you always meet during the day, especially at the beginning of your relationship.

If he happens to show up at your door to take you out and it is already late in the evening, you can easily guess what he came in for, so reject him politely.

Let him act like a gentleman

Men love to feel manly when they are around a woman they like. Allow him to open doors for you, hold your chair and pay the check. When you are in a restaurant, let him know what you want from the menu so that he can order for the both of you.

Dress appropriately

You want him to fall for your personality, not your body. In this light, make sure to dress conservatively, not sexy. If you choose a tight dress or something with cleavage, you won’t leave anything to the imagination.

Don’t go to his house alone

If you find yourself alone in his apartment, you might be tempted to get physical with him. Therefore, when he invites you to his home, bring a friend. It doesn’t matter if he just wants to show you his collection of paintings or needs your help with decorating. Never be alone with him on his territory.

Don’t talk about marriage

If you have met on one of the Christian dating sites, you should focus on getting to know him during the first seven dates in real life. The majority of Christians believe in the institution of marriage, but you should nevertheless talk about it, not this early in a relationship.

Be realistic

Even though you should have standards and a list of deal-breakers, you shouldn’t be obsessed with finding the perfect person. The man who checks all of your boxes most likely doesn’t exist, and pursuing him will only slow down finding someone decent. On the other hand, never date guys who have no respect for God or you. Even though you should be realistic, never settle and marry someone who doesn’t share your values.

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