6 Easy Rider Roads Worth Visiting

Easy Rider Roads

The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America walk into a bar and the bartender says: “I am sorry guys, but no motorcycles allowed”. This joke will probably not encounter understanding among younger generations, yet it will make roars of laughter if told to real old bikers. Most of them still remember young Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda floating down the road from Los Angeles to New Orleans.

Take 1952, Harley-Davidson FL Hydra-Glide attired in choppers robes, place it in the middle of a long and endless road, riddled with dust, sand and bumps and you will have yourself a perfect biker match. In honor of those who prefer to ride on the back of their steel steeds, we made a list of some places worthy of visiting with your friend on 2 wheels.

1. Tail of the Dragon at Deals Cap

On the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, the Tail of the Dragon, a winding extent of US 129, is probably the most popular road for motorcyclists in the US. This road includes 318 curves circling and twisting through a mere 11 miles, so unless you are a seasoned rider we suggest you to try some other route.

2. Mae Hong Son Loop

Maybe this isn’t a perfect road to go to if you are looking for some biker women since you will have to fly to southeast Asia to experience some of the world’s wildest twists and turns 2 wheels can offer. This peculiar path has more than 1,000 crazy turns and sharp bends as it snakes through the Thailand’s mountainous countryside passing temples, caves, waterfalls, and villages along the way.

3. Prudhoe Bay

Alaska is well known for its extreme weather and hard landscape that make a jaw-dropping mise-en-scène. These are the main reasons why only professionals should venture the bumpy macadam roads. The endless spiral twists and frequent rain and snow will take you on a hell of an excursion to Prudhoe Bay past national parks including Denali and Gates of the Arctic.

4. From Christchurch To The Coast

If you are a real adventurer then take a trip down under and enjoy the solitude of New Zealand’s open road and distinct landscapes over mountains and past deep fjords. It is a perfect setting for biker singles who favor isolation over packs of bikes around them. Start your voyage in Christchurch and make a stop in Queenstown before heading to the West Coast for a spectacular beach ride along coastal freeways.

5. Palomar Mountain

Between Los Angeles and San Diego lies one of America’s favorite roads to explore on a motorcycle – California Highway 76. The road leads you further away from the coast all the way to Cleveland National Forest. As you go deeper into the continent the lanes narrow and traffic thins out. Our advice is to continue on Highway S6 to Palomar Mountain’s Peak at almost 2000 meters. You will be bedazzled by a striking view at the stars.

6. Patagonia Tour

Take the path that Che Guevara took on his famous motorcycle tour through South America that will be worth remembering in your road diary. The starting point should be in Osorno, Chile, and from there you should follow the Andes as you zig-zag the borders of Argentina and Chile passing Patagonia’s snow-covered volcanoes, rapids, and glaciers.

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