5 Traits You Need To Posses In Order To Be A Member Of A Motorcycle Club

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Being a member of a motorcycle club is one of the coolest things anyone can achieve in their lifetime. Every young man and woman out there wants to meet local bikers and be a part of their community. However, becoming a member of a club is anything but easy. These people live by a certain code and you need to respect those rules in order to be fully accepted. Therefore, if you truly want to embrace this unique lifestyle, make sure to have these 5 qualities before you apply for a membership.


If you want to leave a good first impression on the biker men from your local motorcycle clubs, you need to be honest right off the bat. These people are very straightforward and they appreciate honesty more than anything. Therefore, in order to be accepted, you must never lie to your new buddies. Be open about yourself and don’t hide anything. Otherwise, you’ll be banished from the club the moment they start questioning your honesty.


Honesty and loyalty go hand in hand in this world, make sure to remember that. Being a part of a certain bike club is like being in a romantic relationship with a person. In order to make it work, you simply have to be loyal to the bone. The uniform you wear is sacred and you must never wear the colors or the leather of another club. You can hang out with members from other clubs, but you must never betray the trust of your own brothers. Convince them that you can be trusted and you’ll have a great chance of making the cut.


This is a trait you should definitely always possess, regardless of your lifestyle. However, if you choose to be a biker, you have to be brave, especially around other club members. Bear in mind that this is an “all for one, one for all” type of community and you need to earn your place. You can do that by being courageous and sticking up for your friends and fellow members. Show some teeth and you’ll earn instant respect from your brothers.


You can’t show off your courage if you’re not determined. Always remember that. There will be situations when you won’t be allowed to hesitate. So, make sure to always be focused and determined, no matter what. This attitude and state of mind will help you improve both as a club member and as a bike rider.

Garage Skills

As you probably know, these fellas spend most of their free time in garage hanging out with each other and fixing the bikes. Building and fixing custom bikes is their passion, so in order to become an equal part of the group, you’ll have to show off some of your garage skills. If you don’t have them, you should definitely learn everything you can about two-wheelers before you even apply for a membership.

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