5 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Cougar Dating

You Need To Know Before You Start

Cougars are becoming more and more popular amongst young men. It is no wonder why. These ladies are present in many movies and TV shows where they are presented as hot, sex driven women who know what they want and are not afraid to take it. If you want to be with a cougar, there are some rules you should know.

If you are interested in cougar dating, you have to prepare yourself for quite a ride. In order to catch a cougar you will have to learn how to behave near one. Many guys want to find a mature woman for themselves, but they don’t know how to date one. Luckily for you, we have prepared some guidelines you should follow.

Save your energy, you will need it

As you can figure out, these women don’t want a teddy bear to cuddle with. They need a stud that will satisfy their every need. If you thought that girls in their twenties are sex driven, think again. Women peak between their mid-thirties and forties. You are younger, but you will have to keep up with her. So be sure you are up for this before you go to meet cougars.

Don’t say anything that will make her feel old

You may found your woman on one of the cougar dating sites, but don’t call her cougar under any circumstances. The word implies that she is an older woman, and that is the thing she is trying to avoid. She wants to feel young, sexy and attractive. Don’t compare her to young girls, or tell her that she looks good for her age. As far as you are concerned, she is the most beautiful women in the world.

Be prepared for the offspring

You may have forgoten about this part, but just because she is sexy and on the prowl, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have children. If she wants just a fling and some steamy nights from you, you don’t have to worry about them, cause she will keep her kids from you as far as possible. However, if she is looking for something a little more permanent, you will need to prove yourself worthy of their time. If she senses that you are not prepared for that, she will be gone from your love so fast you will never know what hit you.

Alpha male

If you follow her around like a puppy, she will get tired of you very soon. You have to have confidence and self-esteem. Be prepared to take control over the situation, but don’t expect that your cougar will eat from your hand. This is a mature woman who won’t take crap from no one. Don’t try to command her because she will move on to the next young stud.

Be spontaneous

She is bored with her past life and she wants some excitement. Show her a good time and be original in everything you do. If you keep her on her toes all the time, she will show you the time of your life.


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