5 Signs Your Biker is Ready to Be Exclusive

single bikers

Dating one of the single bikers and then wondering whether he is in it for the long run can be overwhelming indeed. If you are already head over heels for this guy but are not sure whether he feels the same, you probably don’t want to ask him directly about it. However, there are some signs that will show you if he is ready to be exclusive so stick around to find out more about them.

He wants to spend time with you

Instead of going for a ride with his biker buddies, he often wants to spend the day with you. If he is continuously trying to be in your life, he probably wants to be committed to you.

He wants you to meet his friends

His friends are very special to him and he wouldn’t want to introduce you to them unless he was serious about you and your relationship. If you have met all his buddies and you often hang out together, your guy may be ready for something serious.


Just pay attention to how he treats you in public and you will see how much he cares about you. If he often hugs or kisses you in the middle of the street and doesn’t mind holding hands with you, he is obviously proud of the fact that you are his girl and is most likely ready for a serious relationship.

He checks with you before making plans

Your guy won’t go on a trip with his biker friends before consulting with you first to see if you are okay with it. He keeps you included in every aspect of his life and never makes plans without you. If, on the other hand, he disappears for several days without any explanation, he probably doesn’t want exclusivity.

He talks about the future

The best way to tell if your biker is ready to commit is by analyzing the way he talks about the future. Does he invite you to biker rallies, gatherings or weddings? If he does, he is already picturing his life with you.

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