5 Rules Every Successful Cougar Needs to Follow

Cougar Needs to Follow

If you are in your 40s and feel like your life is stuck in a rut, dating a younger fellow will help you change things for the better. He will make you feel youthful and sexy again, rock your world in the bedroom and make you experience things you haven’t for the last 20 years. However, just being an older woman is not enough to draw the attention of young studs. You need to join cougar finder apps, work on your confidence, dress to impress and act like a classy lady. If you are interested in dating your junior. In that name, here are several rules you should follow.

Dress sensually

One of the reasons why younger guys go for older women is because they are classy and sophisticated. Therefore, go shopping and find outfits that emphasize your great figure without revealing too much. Skirts and dresses that are too short can leave a wrong impression, so make sure you dress appropriately.

Use your body language

If you find a younger guy you like, let him know that you are interested. However, don’t approach him and start talking to him. Instead, use your body language to make your intentions known. As an experienced woman, you surely know how to be coquettish, so use your feminine charms.

Don’t use outdated references

Okay, both you and your cub are aware of your age difference but there is no need to make it so obvious. Therefore, do not use cultural references that date back to the 1970s. He probably won’t get them and you will instantly feel ancient.

Don’t mother your cub

Although you are old enough to be his mother, you are not. You are his lover so act like it. Don’t give him life advice or scold him when he does something wrong like he is a little kid. If you start acting like a mother figure, your relationship will be over in a second.

Don’t pay for everything

Of course, you have more money than him. After all, you are at the top of your career while he is still climbing the corporate ladder. However, that doesn’t mean you should pay for every dinner. Your young fellow needs to feel like a man, so let him get the check once in a while.

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