4 Reasons Why You Overhype Every Crush

single seniors

Finding someone amazing on a dating app can be pretty exciting. Imagine you are both single seniors with two kids and four grandkids who love reading same books and listening to same music. You will start fantasizing about the first date momentarily, and how they will sweep you off your feet as soon as you meet them in person.

However, it might happen just the opposite – you will meet them but the spark won’t be there. Moreover, they will seem like a complete dud. It’s no secret that one can get carried away rather easily when they practice online dating, and here is why it happens.

People don’t show off their flaws

Most people on dating apps are doing their best to create a great first impression. They post pics which are often outdated and they embellish their biographies. Since they can choose which details to share, they rarely mention their flaws. Instead, they concentrate on positive things, and it’s easy to fall for someone who seems flawless. Unfortunately, these ‘perfect’ individuals exist only online, and the bubble bursts the moment you meet them face to face because you see them for who they really are.

They are very popular

Just because someone has a lot of comments on their photo and gets a bunch of likes, doesn’t say anything about them really. You shouldn’t automatically assume that they are a popular person with a lot of friends. Virtual reality often has nothing in common with real life.

You fantasize

The fact is that you don’t know much about that person. You know their taste in books and how they enjoy watching black and white movies. And because you have so little information about them, you tend to overanalyze every single thing you do know which intensifies your feelings towards them. Postponing the first date lets you fantasize even more, so eventually you turn that frog into a Prince Charming without even realizing it.

Texting chemistry can be misleading

Just because you have spent hours chatting about various things doesn’t mean that you will hit it off once you meet in real life. Keep in mind that even people who seem social and witty can turn out to be really shy and closed off in person.

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