4 Reasons Why Cowboys Are Good in Bed

Country boys are a perfect combination of bad boys and gentlemen, so it is no wonder that a lot of ladies want to date a cowboy. Country fellows not only know how to make a woman special and loved, but they also know how to rock her world in the bedroom. If you don’t believe us, here are some of the reasons why cowboys are amazing in the sack.

They are best of both worlds

Let’s be honest, a small part of literally every woman craves for bad boys. They make us weak in the knees, and our lady parts jump with joy whenever they are around. However, while your land down under loves these guys, your brain knows they are just bad news.

Therefore, cowboys are the perfect mix. They look ruggedly handsome and mysterious like all those bad boys, but they will treat you like a lady and make you feel safe. Cowboys and cowgirls are famous for their great manners so you will definitely be in good hands.

Their butts

They have amazing behinds, so you can feast your eyes on those whenever you are in the bedroom. Just admit it, you will probably make him go and bring you something from the other room you ‘accidentally’ forgot, just so you can watch him walk butt naked. We can’t blame you for that!

They have strong hands

All women love when a guy holds them in his strong arms and makes them feel safe and special. Cowboys have strong and big hands, which will make you feel so small and protected.

They are physically strong

You know what that means? They can pick you up with ease! We all love to watch those movie scenes when a guy just picks up the girl and carries her to the bedroom while kissing her along the way. While this on-screen scene looks incredibly romantic and sexy, in real life it really isn’t.

Odds are your man will get tired after a couple of seconds, won’t be able to walk normally, then he will start to huff and puff, and at the end, you will start feeling like a huge whale, which isn’t sexy at all.

However, with cowboys, it is a whole different story. Since they are in a perfect condition spending all day doing hard physical work, they will pick you up like you weigh next to nothing.

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