4 Guidelines You Need to Follow If You Want to Dazzle a Cougar

cougar dating club

If you are an active member of the cougar dating club but don’t have any luck with these ladies, you are probably doing something wrong. You need to keep in mind that these mature women know every trick in the book, and they won’t fall for your mind tricks. If you really want to impress a cougar, you need to step up your game. Here are 4 tips that should help you with your mission.

Be a man of character

If you say you are going to do something, then do it. Stick to whatever you say and be a man of your word. If you tell her that you are going to pick her up at 5 o’clock, be in front of her house at 5 pm sharp. Don’t be late and don’t stand her up. If she senses that you are leading her on and treating her like a doormat, she will dump your ass in a second.

Get out there

Don’t just sit on a bar stool drinking your beer, hoping that someone will approach you. You need to talk to women, go on dating sites and make yourself more available. If you are spending your days sitting at home, watching sports and playing video games, don’t be surprised that you are not getting any action. Get out there and start living life!

Be passionate about things

As you know, cougars are experienced women and they don’t want to be around someone who doesn’t have any kind of drive. Before you assume anything, let’s make it clear – this has nothing to do with money. Even if you are loaded, cougars will ditch you if you are boring as hell. You must have passion, drive, and humor if you want to be desirable.

Don’t be too forward

Approaching a cougar and asking her whether she will have sex with you or what her bra size is won’t get you laid. It might help get you slapped or covered in a martini, but it will not lead to an intercourse. These kinds of questions are rude and make you seem like you are a high school boy who hasn’t learned how to talk to women in a mature way yet.

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