3 Types Of Cougars You Will Encounter

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Several decades ago, divorce was a huge no-no, and those ladies who separated from their husbands were shunned by society. Luckily, times have changed and today divorcees have decided to grab life by the…horns and live it to the fullest. After they become single again, most of them decide to date younger guys that will make them feel attractive and desirable once again. Therefore, you can meet a lot of mature ladies who are starving for sex, love, and attention nowadays. So, if you check out the cougar finder, you will surely meet some of these cougars.

Attention seeking cougar

If you just want to have a fling with someone, this type of cougar is your best choice. She is interested in hot and heavy sex and the thought of being in a serious relationship terrifies her. You can find her in the clubs that gather a younger crowd, desperately trying to fit in. She will be dressed very provocatively, so you won’t be able to miss her.

When it comes to this type of cougar, you won’t have to do a thing since she will be the one who initiates the contact. She doesn’t have a type of man she prefers, as long as he is flirty and great in bed.

The divorcee cougar

She just got divorced from her husband and got a ton of money in her settlement. Therefore, now she is ready to have expensive fun with young, hot guys. Being in a relationship with this cougar comes with a lot of benefits. You will go on fancy trips, visit best restaurants and attend VIP parties.

However, even though she is loaded, don’t forget to pull out your wallet once in a while and pay for dinner. After all, she wants to feel sexy and desirable, not like someone’s Sugar Momma. You don’t have to look like a model to get her attention. The Divorcee is looking for a fun and energetic young guy who is well groomed and knows how to treat her like a lady.

The revengeful cougar

Her husband cheated on her several times, and now it’s her turn to have some fun. If you are young, handsome, confident and fun, you are definitely her type. She will eagerly show you off every chance she gets, treat you as a hot and sexy prey and talk about this victory of hers to all her girlfriends.

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